Girls rule the world!

The claim that women are still underrated when it comes to DJing is antiquated and simply not true. Especially when a DJ has such a keen sense of electronic music like Anna Ullrich. She basically rolled up the field from behind: as a trained photographer, she had already portrayed many DJs, but now Anna Ullrich herself is the center of attention while playing for dancing packs.

After a well-thought-out preparation time, she started her first club series "Puppenhouse " in Club SASS. Also, she was support for various well-known acts: among others Len Faki, Monika Kruse or Karotte. And she knew how to convince.

After several sensational sets in the best clubs in Vienna like Pratersauna, Flex, SASS, Kantine and Horst, Anna Ullrich is now more and more in action outside of Austria: Berlin (Sisyphos, Weekend, Cosmonaut or Suicide Circus), Zurich, Bratislava and Brno have already been rocked. No matter where she goes, Anna Ullrich proves that the much-strained word "mood" does not degenerate into an empty phrase in her elaborate sets.

Visit Soundcloud to convince yourself of her energetic sets. Productions of that kind are soon to follow.